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Philip Schurings

Hey everyone! My name is Philip, I am a second year IBA student from the Netherlands. During my first year, I learned that people apply different methods to study the content. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right method to study. I believe that I can help you find the method that suits you best. During our meetings, I will find out what works best for you and will explain the content and help you accordingly. Furthermore, I am an enthusiastic, hardworking, organized, and understanding person, who will support you and help you pass your exams. As a result, you will be better prepared for the exams, and still be able to enjoy student life, which is more than just studying. 

Junior tutor

Camile Audrain

Hello! My name is Camille, I come from France, and I am a second-year IBA student. To my mind, tutoring is a form of altruism. At Erasmus University, we are like a big family and students need to help each other to pass every course and graduate. Other students are not competitors but friends who should support each other, and on who you should count on if you have some difficulties. Each student has its own pace of learning, and my role as a tutor is to understand your strengths and weaknesses to improve your academic performance, as well as your motivation to study! In high-school I was in both situations, tutor and tutee, so I already have some experience in tutoring, and I also know what students usually expect from tutors. When students encounter issues with specific concepts, I like finding creative ways to explain these notions to them. Finally, I am patient, curious and I have a lot of enthusiasm. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need some help!

Junior tutor

Simon Wozniak

Hi, my name is Simon, I am a French BSc IBA 2nd year student at RSM. I believe that every student has different approaches in terms of learning, and that difficulties differ a lot amongst students. Some students are more visual, others need clear explanations, or some others need to do it themselves etc. The key to optimally teach students is to understand their approaches and use it to clearly understand the courses. Through hard work, enthusiasm and lots of energy, I believe that I can fruitfully teach the chosen courses, in adapting the learning to process according to the skills of the student. I am energetic, positivist and hardworking, and I am looking forward to helping you reach your goals. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Manager and Maths tutor

Cenk Gonenc

I am an American/Turkish second year IBEB student. Having been in an international environment my whole life, I understand that everyone is unique with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities and therefore also learn in different ways. I am confident that I will adapt to your needs, and we will find a way that works best for you to create a comfortable learning environment. I am efficient and effective with my studying as I love to fill my life with fun experiences and activities outside of education, and I’m sure that you don’t want to spend the majority of your “student” life studying either


Saif Altaf

Hi everyone! I'm a third year IBEB student as well as the student ambassador of my program. After 2 years in IBEB, I have realized that the most critical part of this program is the quick progression of blocks and courses which makes it even more difficult to get into the detailed depth and theoretical backgrounds of the courses. However, I have always believed in transforming such complications into simpler steps and this approach has always helped me in understanding difficult theoretical concepts. These general steps can be applied to several exam type questions, eventually enabling an individual to score a high grade in that particular course. Subjects like Accounting, Math, Micro-economics, Macro-economics and Stats are the ones where my strength lies. If you need such easy approaches to get good grades in these courses, you can definitely contact me. Languages: English, Urdu/Hindi


Ben Dahmen

I am a second-year IBEB student, and with my help I'm sure you will become one as well. To fit many activities and sports into my personal life, it has always been important for me to find an efficient way of studying and understanding things. Therefore, it will be my objective to equip you with methods that help you to understand subjects and really get to their core instead of just providing you with solutions from week to week. Furthermore, I am well prepared on all the course matters of first year and know all the tricks to obtain good results, without sacrificing a healthy party life. I am easy going and friendly and I´ll for sure create an environment in which you can study in the most relaxed yet productive way.



Hi everyone! My name is Louise and I am a second year IBA student from Denmark. I believe that everyone studies and learn in different ways. Sometimes students just need a little guidance to figure out what way works the best for them. I believe that I can help find the best way for you to learn and understand the required material to pass your classes. The best part of university is that you have enough time to thoroughly learn the concepts and deepen your understanding, so that you can use the information in the future. It is no longer just about learning to pass. I believe that I can help you make the concepts stick, which will benefit you in the future.


Andrea Pogliano

My name is Pogliano. Andrea Pogliano. When I started studying Economics and Business Economics last year, my principal ambition was to be remarkable. Now that I am well on my way, I want to pave your way of success.  Having recently overcome the struggle of the first year, I am well acquainted with any subject matter or problem that you will encounter. I have always been quick at grasping and slow at forgetting the economic theory, therefore, I am well versed in this obscure art. Alongside my knowledge, I am also a trickmaster. I will show you all the shortcuts to put the tick in the right box, I will teach you the timesavers for the most intricate problems, I will forge with you the weapons with which you will face your struggle. Hence, don't hesitate to call my name, I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Junior Tutor

Georgi Pletnev

Hello everyone! My name is George. I am Russian and I am currently a third year IBEB student. What can you expect from me as your tutor? I am highly reliable and dependable. When I commit to something, it means that I deliver. So, if you become my student, you will improve your academic performance whether you like it or not ☺ Moreover, I am very respectful to my fellow students. I have already gained a reputation of “go to” person since I am keen to explain concepts that are difficult to understand without making others feel inferior. I am sure that such an attitude will help my students develop confidence and feel encouraged to ask and learn.


Bryan Habib

Hi everyone. I am Bryan, a first-year IBA student from France. In my experience, I have noticed that understanding can have several meanings. Not only do students adopt various approaches to learning, which are more or less successful, but also different notions require different methods. This is why I believe that there is no magic study formula but that concentration and perseverance are key. On top of that, developing efficient automatisms can really make a difference. This is where I intervene: I am convinced that I can provide you with the tools necessary for your success! Furthermore, adapting my teaching style to your specific needs and difficulties will ensure the best strategy for your progress. Backed by two years of tutoring in high school, I will make sure that my teaching lives up to, or even exceeds, your expectations.

Junior Tutor

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