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Jeroen Frijters

I am Jeroen, a third year IBEB student from The Netherlands. I have always had a passion for learning and gaining new insights in topics I’m interested in. My approach in teaching is always focused on you. No person is the same, and I always make sure to adjust my teaching style to your needs. I believe that you know best what you want out of the tutoring session and I will always try to provide this and more. My goal is to enable you to achieve your goals academically by providing a friendly and inspiring learning environment, with which I have hundreds of hours of experience and for which have received strictly postive reviews. I would be honoured if you would allow me to help you with your studies.

CEO & Senior Tutor

Colin Huliselan

I am Colin, currently a third year IBEB student. Apart from studying hard, I believe efficient studying is key. For many students that sign up for Grade Boost a lack of willingness to study is not the problem. However, often their efforts just have to be guided in the right direction. I aim to help students understand rather than solely memorize the study material and do so by giving clear explanations, examples and tips or tricks. Furthermore, since each student is different, I use a personalized approach. I am positive this will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to obtain your desired result. Also, I try to achieve a pleasant atmosphere with those I am teaching. Everyone should feel comfortable asking as many questions as they want. I am a patient and easy-going person and I look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals. Feel free to contact me! Languages: English and Dutch.


Saif Altaf

Hi everyone! I'm a third year IBEB student as well as the student ambassador of my program. After 2 years in IBEB, I have realized that the most critical part of this program is the quick progression of blocks and courses which makes it even more difficult to get into the detailed depth and theoretical backgrounds of the courses. However, I have always believed in transforming such complications into simpler steps and this approach has always helped me in understanding difficult theoretical concepts. These general steps can be applied to several exam type questions, eventually enabling an individual to score a high grade in that particular course. Subjects like Accounting, Math, Micro-economics, Macro-economics and Stats are the ones where my strength lies. If you need such easy approaches to get good grades in these courses, you can definitely contact me. Languages: English, Urdu/Hindi


Andrea Pogliano

My name is Pogliano. Andrea Pogliano. When I started studying Economics and Business Economics last year, my principal ambition was to be remarkable. Now that I am well on my way, I want to pave your way of success.  Having recently overcome the struggle of the first year, I am well acquainted with any subject matter or problem that you will encounter. I have always been quick at grasping and slow at forgetting the economic theory, therefore, I am well versed in this obscure art. Alongside my knowledge, I am also a trickmaster. I will show you all the shortcuts to put the tick in the right box, I will teach you the timesavers for the most intricate problems, I will forge with you the weapons with which you will face your struggle. Hence, don't hesitate to call my name, I will be more than happy to help you out. 


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