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Applied Microeconomics Course Class

We select only the best out of Grade Boost's impressive team of teachers to give our full courses.

Every course is specifically made to ensure full preparation for an exam.

We are currently opening a class for the Applied Microeconomics course for which up to 13 students can register for. This class will prepare you fully for all the midterms and will discuss all the material covered in the course, giving you the optimal preparation for the final exam in a personalised tutoring environment. 

The tutor Georgi Pletnev is a Cum Laude student with an extensive experience as Grade Boost tutor. He has taught all microeconomic courses multiple times, and is our expert on all topics related to this course. To read more about our tutors, click here.

Course structure:


The course will consist of 6 sessions, two hours each (12 hours in total) that will cover all important material and will prepare you for the exam.

1) February 8th -  9:00-11:00

2) February 9th - 9:00-11:00

3) February 15th - 9:00-11:00

4) February 16th - 9:00-11:00

5) February 22nd - 9:00-11:00

6) February 23rd - 9:00-11:00

Registration deadline & pricing:


Regular registration deadline & price: February 8th & €149.99


The courses will take place in the G-building, which is located close to the Erasmus Sport building.                  

Exact room numbers will be sent by email the day before.



  • Registration is completed by filling out the registration form below. Payment is done by bank transfer.

  • Once registration has been submitted and the payment has been made, there will be no refund available.

  • Please note that we are not responsible for you missing any sessions due to circumstances beyond our control. 

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